Newborn/Infant Craniosacral/SOT Therapy

Chiropractic Cranial adjusting is the art and science of restoring normal function to the cranial/dural-meningeal mechanism and the movement of cerebrospinal fluid (“We may regard the CSF as the equivalent of a lymphatic system, carrying away from the cranial and spinal systems substances that would not be able to leave at significant rates otherwise.”) Since 80% of the central nervous system is located in the brain, correcting cranial imbalances are paramount to a total health care approach.

At Infinite Family Chiropractic we offer a very specific and safe system for restoring normal cranial functional mechanics and neurological balance. Many issues that are not responding to spinal care alone are facilitated by the addition of cranial adjusting procedures. ADD, ADHD, seizure activity, sinus issues, TMJ/TMD, migraines, learning disabilities, plagiocephaly, and other conditions can be helped with proper chiropractic spinal and cranial care. Dr. Jennifer is a certified SOT Pediatric Practitioner (SPP).

Newborn/Infant craniosacral therapy is very gentle and can help with assisting the bones of the head to become more normally placed. I see babies from birth to 9 months that have a flattened spot on the back of the head which is usually due to something called positional plagiocephaly. PP can occur from the baby lying on their back too much which than starts the bones of the head to shift into a forward and flattened position.

Craniosacral therapy is performed in a gentle and dimly lit environment so that baby and parent are calm during the session. The therapy is applied by holding the infants head in different positions allowing for movement of the cranial bones and no more than the weight of a dime. Babies usually are very comfortable and love receiving the therapy.

I recommend that parents bring in their infant as soon as a flattened spot is recognized. The sooner the better. The bones of a baby’s head are able to move easily when they are very young due to the sutures between the bones being so soft. A little light contact is applied and parents are encouraged to apply the same movements at home for the best results.

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