We understand it can be frustrating when growing your family isn’t coming easily. There can be many factors and options to look at to help with hormone regulation and fertility. Our focus is removing interference from your body so that both mom and dad function optimally. Within every hopeful couple's search, one thing is certain – they have to feel comfortable with their decision for care. We respect and honor each couple's path to pregnancy and love making the fertility journey one that is actually fun and full of love & support.

Chiropractic Care Helps to Get Back to the Basics With Fertility

A well adapting nervous system that isn’t constantly in fight or flight mode is the only way conception will occur and sustain itself. Our office has lots of experience helping couples going through fertility challenges and takes an empathetic approach to help during the journey to conception.

Hormone release and regulation is coordinated and controlled by the nervous system’s ability to signal and sequence hormones. With added stress on a woman’s nervous system, this coordination can be inhibited. When stressed, the body releases the hormone cortisol which inhibits the release of estrogen, progesterone & testosterone. Oftentimes anxiety, menstrual irregularities, cramping, stress, low energy & tension in the neck and shoulders are correlated with this stress on the nervous system. We focus on removing interference from your body so that your body may begin self-regulation.


Our Mercier Therapy fertility program is 6 weeks in length and can be used as a stand-alone regime or in preparation for a more medically assisted cycle such as IUI or IVF. We highly recommend that you prepare your body properly prior to starting any medically assisted fertility cycle to help ensure a successful first cycle. The Shared Journey can be completed in time for your stimulation to start.

As a stand-alone cycle without medical assistance is what is most natural and primal for your body. You will be guided to monitor your own ovulatory cycle along with our help for up to one year after finishing your therapy with us.

The program is custom-tailored to each individual woman's situation and will be discussed in further detail at a consultation.

When scheduling your consultation please make sure to allow 60–90 minutes and bring any past medical records that may be helpful when discussing your history. During the consult, a full medical history will be obtained as well as a pelvic organ mobility evaluation will be done.

Mercier Therapy is a deep pelvic organ visceral manipulation modality. When increasing mobility whether your shoulder joint or your uterus you're optimizing the true function of the area and helping to return blood flow which is therapeutic.

When choosing to start the SJFP you'll receive 6 full hours of MT broken down into 1-hour intervals per week for 6 weeks.

For women coming in from a state or country other than Iowa, we can finish your therapy within an intensive 6-day therapy program consolidated into 1 week. There are wonderful hotels and Airbnb’s close to our office which offer very comfortable accommodations while our guests stay during their week.

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