Dr. Jennifer Katzer

Dr. Jennifer Katzer

Dr. Jennifer Katzer

Dr. Jennifer Katzer, D.C is a licensed Chiropractor specializing in family, pediatric, and prenatal chiropractic, and is proud to provide care for patients in Cumming, Norwalk, West Des Moines, and the surrounding areas. She graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic with a Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2015.

Background & Education
Dr. Jennifer was raised on a family farm in Orient, Iowa where her parents instilled in her the values of hard work and respect for all.

After graduating from Creston High School, she played volleyball at Ellsworth Community College, graduating with an A.S. in Biotechnology. She continued her education at Iowa State University, graduating in 2008 with a B.S. in Psychology and Pre-Medicine.

During college, Dr. Jennifer worked as a microbiology technician at the USDA Veterinary Biologics Labs and job shadowed several M.D.’s in central Iowa hospitals and clinics.

Love for Patient Care
Upon graduation, Dr. Jennifer worked on clinical trials for cancer research with Quintiles in Kansas City and New Link Genetics in Ames, gaining valuable experience in cancer treatments but discovering that direct interaction with patients was her calling.

She refocused on patient care and becoming a Certified Nurse Aid in a geriatric rehabilitation unit, assisting patients recovering from joint replacements or cancer treatments and supporting their goals for maintaining a lifestyle of independence.

Pathway to Chiropractic
These experiences kindled a passion for preventative health care, and Dr. Jennifer met a chiropractor in southern Iowa with extensive knowledge of the body’s structure and neurology and a comprehensive approach to holistic healthcare.

She began shadowing him and saw how he listened to, adjusted and taught his patients, reinforcing they were responsible for their personal health, and leading patients to realize dramatic improvements.

Chiropractic Education
Dr. Jennifer enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic, the 1st school of chiropractic in the world. This rigorous classroom curriculum with applied experiences in Palmer’s clinics has provided Dr. Jennifer with a world-class foundation for patient care.

Dr. Jennifer is Certified by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics, a 200+ hour certification, and is concurrently pursuing her diplomat in Pediatrics through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Dr. Jennifer is Webster certified through the ICPA as well, this is a specific adjustment to be used throughout pregnancy creating optimal positioning for baby and for birth. Dr. Jennifer is a Certified SOT Pediatric Practitioner (CSPP) which allows her to identify and correct cranial issues like cranial nerve and vagus nerve involvement, tongue tie, plagiocephaly, Pediatric TMJ issues, Nursing and latching challenges, digestive issues, and allergies. Dr. Jennifer received her Mercier Therapy Fertility Certification in August 2021 to assist women in gentle natural conception and to achieve better overall outcomes with medically assisted cycles such as IVF. This technique is also paramount in helping serve women with pelvic pain, postpartum and c-section recovery .

Family Perspective
While planning their move to Palmer, Dr. Jennifer & her husband Nathan learned they were expecting, and Gavin was born right after her second trimester finals. It was a blessing to experience having a son and becoming a Palmer Chiropractor simultaneously. Because of the chiropractic support she received through pregnancy and through postpartum she then knew she needed to specialize in becoming a prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractor. As she approached her commencement from Palmer they were blessed by their second child Dawson. As Dr. Jennifer & Nathan birthed their second son into the world at their home in Cumming they also birthed Infinite Family Chiropractic, LLC into Cumming Iowa in the same year. After establishing a successful business and additional pediatric certifications they then birthed full term fraternal twins in a beautiful home birth and welcomed a healthy baby girl, Hope & baby Boy Brandon. Dr. Jennifer adores spending time with children Gavin-9, Dawson-5, Hope-3, Brandon-3 and her husband, Nathan, in the Cumming community where they have a thriving wellness-based family chiropractic practice.

In her free time she enjoys traveling with her family, learning about chiropractic techniques and philosophy, exercising, sports, gardening, home remodeling and their family pets-1 dog, 1 goat, 4 cats and 24 chickens.

Philosophy of Wellness
Her personal belief is that each individual is responsible for their own health and well being as an active adult in society and she wants to support and educate people so they can be their own best doctors. She loves building and nourishing community relationships as this connection is fundamental to becoming a well-rounded individual; she learns so much from others and enjoys their insights about life and various perspectives.

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